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Elevate your construction projects to unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency with our state-of-the-art machine control technology. Imagine your heavy machinery operating with unmatched accuracy, transforming your worksite into a well-orchestrated masterpiece of engineering.  Seamlessly integrated with your equipment, our system empowers operators, reducing human error and boosting confidence. From foundation excavation to final grading, our machine control technology optimizes your entire workflow, slashing downtime and resource waste. Minimize costly rework, maximize productivity, and ensure consistent, accurate grades. Stay ahead in the competitive construction landscape by embracing the future of site precision. Your projects deserve the advantage of our cutting-edge machine control technology. Contact us  now to reshape your construction success.

Our Products

We proudly endorse our products with unwavering confidence. Rigorously tested for quality and reliability, they epitomize excellence. Our dedicated support team ensures your satisfaction and operational success. Trust us to deliver on our promise.

Machine Control


Enhance excavating precision using advanced machine control technology, ensuring accurate and efficient operations on every worksite.


Elevate dozer performance with cutting-edge machine control, optimizing grading and earthmoving tasks for precise, efficient, and streamlined operations on any terrain.


Master grading tasks effortlessly with machine control technology, achieving impeccable accuracy and efficiency in shaping surfaces and achieving project perfection with every pass.

Leica iCON iGW3 3D Wheel Loader System

Revolutionize wheel loader operations through innovative machine control technology, enhancing efficiency and accuracy for material handling, loading, and site management, ensuring exceptional results every time.


Unleash superior efficiency and precision in earthmoving with wheel scraper machine control. Streamline material transportation and site preparation, achieving optimal results through advanced technology

Drillers & Pilers

Empower drilling and piling with advanced machine control. Enhance accuracy and productivity, transforming complex tasks into seamless operations, and achieving precise results with cutting-edge technology.


Optimize compaction with rollers’ machine control. Achieve uniform density and smooth surfaces efficiently, utilizing advanced technology for precise, consistent results on every pass.

Pavers & Cold Planers

Revolutionize paving and cold planning with machine control. Achieve flawless surfaces and precise milling, enhancing efficiency and quality while reshaping roads and surfaces with advanced technology.

Alpine Snow Management

Master alpine snow management using advanced machine control. Enhance efficiency and safety in snow removal, ensuring precise and effective operations in challenging mountain environments.

Construction TPS & GNSS

Leica iCON build Software

From building foundations to completion, Leica iCON build is the go to for layout, as built, and verification on projects. Increase performance and productivity on site with the easy to understand and powerful interface.

Leica iCON site software

Heavy construction workflows integrated into the iCON site software combined with the robust intelligent iCON construction hardware provides the ultimate partner for construction workers. 

The Leica iCON range of products

iCON Robotic Total Stations

Unlock precise construction layout with iCON robotic total station. Maximize accuracy and efficiency in site measurements.

iCON Manual Total Stations

Experience accurate construction layout with iCON manual total station. Optimize measurements for site precision.

iCON Layout Tool

Enhance construction accuracy with iCON layout tool. Achieve precise measurements and streamline site layout effortlessly.

iCON Smart Antennas

Transform construction positioning using iCON smart antennas. Achieve precise data capture, optimizing project workflows seamlessly.

iCON Controllers

Refine construction control with iCON Controllers. Achieve streamlined operations and precise accuracy for seamless project execution.

Leica iCON GNSS Receivers

Revolutionize construction positioning with Leica iCON GNSS receivers. Attain precise data for efficient and accurate projects.

Leica AP20 Autopole

Elevate construction layout accuracy with Leica’s Autopole. Achieve precise measurements and streamline site positioning.


Find what you need for your all your GNSS and Construction Equipment. 


Upgradeable Lasers

Elevate construction projects with adaptable laser technology. Achieve precise grading, layout, and alignment, enhancing accuracy and efficiency while accommodating changing project requirements.

Rotating Lasers

Optimize construction accuracy with rotating lasers. Achieve precise leveling, alignment, and measurements, enhancing efficiency and quality across projects.

Pipe Lasers

Enhance construction precision with pipe lasers. Ensure accurate alignment and elevation for underground pipe installation, improving efficiency and project quality.


Find the right accessory for your Leica laser.

DISTO™ & Lino

Leica DISTO™ & LINO laser measuring and automatic line and point leveling tools. Available with green laser technology and 3D point-to-point measurement.

Leica Lino Line & Point Lasers

Leica Lino line and point lasers are versatile yet simple to use, making indoor levelling, aligning, squaring and plumb applications fast and easy.

Leica 3D Disto

The perfect tool for 3D measuring, scanning and layout with 1 mm accuracy.


Automatic Levels

Streamline construction leveling with automatic levels. Ensure accuracy, simplify tasks, and enhance project efficiency effortlessly.

Digital Levels

Revolutionize construction leveling with digital tools. Achieve accuracy, streamline tasks, and elevate project efficiency seamlessly.


Find the right accessory for your Level.

Detection Systems


Integrated Detection Software Solutions

Utility Detection Radar

Detect and identify utilities on site with Ground penetrating radar technology.

Cable Locators

Avoid buried cables and pipes with cable locators. 

Concrete Scanner C-Thrue

The Concrete Scanner C-Thrue is an all in one GPR for accurate scanning and analysis of concrete structures. 


Extend the application of your Utility detection with these accessories


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